Friday, 21 April 2017


John Redwood is being mocked for advocating the purchase of supposedly nonexistent British cars.

But some of us are already working with trade unions, Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and Independents, to bring the whole of the Volkswagen Group’s production for the British market to County Durham after Brexit.

That would include Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT and Škoda. What a contrast with a Labour Leadership that, for 32 years and counting, has merely managed other people’s poverty.

One of the most important steps towards bringing Volkswagen here, and towards very many other things besides, has been taken this afternoon, with the re-election of Len McCluskey as General Secretary of Unite the Union.

The 2017 Revolution is beginning. The British Spring has begun. Next up, the removal of the Labour Party from Durham County Council on 4th May. And then, on 8th June, the election of a Labour Government under Jeremy Corbyn.

Buttressed by George Galloway at Manchester Gorton, by me at North West Durham if we can raise the cash, and by several other new MPs who know who they are.

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