Saturday, 29 April 2017

Mad May

It is interesting that we children of the clergy have provided two of the last three Prime Ministers. But why go on about the fact that Theresa May is "a vicar's daughter"? There were only occasional references to the fact that Gordon Brown was "a son of the manse".

Brown, however, did not see himself a religious figure in his own right. Whereas May, who purports to be a democratic politician, appears in public only marginally more often than the Popes and Dalai Lamas of the pre-television age used to do, when she takes precisely as many questions as they ever did.

Her speech announcing this pointless General Election made it clear that she regarded Opposition as unconstitutional. It is worse than that, though. She regards it as blasphemous to question or criticise her, she regards it as heretical to disagree with her, and she regards it as schismatic to operate politically in any way that is beyond her control.

At least Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair waited until their third terms before losing their minds. May has started out even madder than Thatcher ever went, and even madder than, at least to date, Blair has ever gone. She simply has to go.

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