Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Take Back The Power

As EDF increases its bills for the second time this year, remind me what is so wonderful about privatisation.

But once the whole of the acquis communautaire, which absolutely forbids the renationalisation of anything once it has been privatised, has been declared to be the law of the United Kingdom, then it will be just as impossible as it is now to do anything about this.

So much for David Davis, who is also silent on the Government's support for Donald Trump's bombing of Syria.

Never mind, though. At least we'll have blue passports. And at least pounds of mince will not be labelled using a fiddly metric equivalent. And at least the threepenny bit is back, at pretty much its original spending power but at 80 times its original face value.

So who cares?


  1. This is why we need you in Parliament.