Monday, 3 April 2017

Holding On

The EU is going to decide that British citizens will be EU citizens unless they specifically renounce that status by filling in, with absolute precision, a long and complicated form, and by paying an exorbitant fee.
Most people with the time and the money to do that voted Remain, anyway.
They are also completely indifferent to the fate of Gibraltar, or indeed of anywhere and anyone else when it comes to holding on to their own wealth and position.
They will let anything go, anywhere go, anyone go.
Had the Tory Establishment occupied the Premiership in 1982, then it is inconceivable that there would have been a war over the Falkland Islands.
There is a lazy old standby that the British Left dislikes its own country, and is internationally unique in doing so.
But that is to look in exactly the wrong place.
It is the only element that exists permanently within the Conservative Party, where all others are only ever its temporary guests, that has never acquired any real fellow-feeling for the general population of the country that it subdued a very long time ago.
That element despises that general population, and it fears ordinary people obsessively.
Never forget that this is a held land.
The people who hold it have certainly never forgotten.

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  1. Very few people realise the truth of what you say here about the ruling class. The slow but inexorable grinding down of the people into urban and rural proletariats is the spinal cord of English history. And the first chapter of the story is hardly begun before the Protestant Reformation clears the ideological decks for wage slavery and private ownership of the means of production.