Thursday, 15 December 2016

TV Gold?

The Sun is The Bloody Rag of Hillsborough, and the persecutor of my friend (yes, still my friend), Tom Watson.

The Times employs Oliver Kamm, the tormentor of my friend, Neil Clark.

But try as I might to work myself up about Rupert Murdoch’s attempt to purchase the rest of Sky, I cannot bring myself to do so.

Fox News, by the way, has been shown in this country for some years.

Again I ask how a Sky owned entirely by Murdoch would be any worse, either than Sky at present, or than the Liberal Establishment’s precious BBC. 

Just how right-wing do you have to be, to think that the BBC is left-wing, or even left-leaning? But that’s you, Guardian. That’s you.

The BBC is said to be the Gold Standard. But the Gold Standard, like the euro, is a very bad idea, and for very much the same reasons.

The action that is required in order to bring about social justice and economic equality would be impossible under the Gold Standard, just as it is in the eurozone.

The free-floating fiat currencies of sovereign states are necessary, although of course not sufficient, to the true liberty and democracy in which no one is so much richer than anyone else that the latter’s liberties and franchise are effectively meaningless.

Especially, but not exclusively, in the field of news and current affairs, something very similar applies to broadcasters.


  1. The United States must have collective schizophrenia.

    Are the victims of 9/11 really and truly regretting the defeat of Al Qaeda in Aleppo?

    What on Earth is wrong with these people?

    There's absolutely no discernible logic to US foreign policy.

  2. The BBC news is faux left, culturally left. The term cultural marxism is chucked about much too much for my liking but there is an element of truth to the phrase when applied to BBC news coverage. What the BBC news coverage is definitely not is economically social democratic, centre-left of orientation or in any way critical of the neo-liberal conventional wisdom.