Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Transitional Period Pains

Even David Davis has given up.

The "transitional period" would be the period of transition to the End of Time.

And that is before we start about the payment in perpetuity of a subscription for tariff-free access.

Or, as it is otherwise known, a tariff.

There was never any suggestion of expelling EU citizens who were already here lawfully. Not should there have been, and nor should there be.

If the EU wishes to continue to extend citizenship to those British nationals who wanted in, then there would be no way of stopping that, and no reason to wish to do so.

After all, we do not try and stop our people from holding any other citizenship to which they may be entitled.

But the Government had no expectation of a Leave vote, which was largely delivered by areas from which its party retreated a long time ago.

Consequently, it had no plan for Brexit. It continues to have none.

By contrast, Jeremy Corbyn and the people around him have spent 45 years planning in the utmost detail for a post-Brexit Britain.

If there were indeed to be a "Which Brexit?" General Election, then that difference would become decisively apparent.


  1. Ukip have failed to take a Leave seat off the Tories, but the Lib Dems have succeeded in taking a Remain seat off the Tories. There aren't many Tory Leave seats anyway, but there are scores of Tory Remain seats across the South. Labour Leave voters will never consider switching to Ukip, but Tory Remain voters obviously will consider switching to the Lib Dems. Put it all together and the Tories know what they have to do, keep their own Remain voters from handing scores of Southern seats to the Lib Dems. The Lib Dems picking up Remain seats in the South is now the main threat to the Tories and they know it.

  2. If Seumas Milne, Andrew Murray (a CPB member at the time), Andrew Fisher, Max Shanly, Tariq Ali or any of three dozen other people around Corbyn voted Remain, I'll eat my cat's litter tray. They're the people with a worked out plan for Brexit. Like Cameron, May doesn't have one and doesn't even know anybody who could come up with one.