Saturday, 10 December 2016

Keeping Up Momentum

I have been hanging with the wrong crowd since before many members of Momentum were born.

I was the only attendee at last week's Newcastle conference to have been a paid contributor to The American Conservative and a blogger for the Daily Telegraph.

So I am telling you for a fact that across the political spectrum and around the globe, the fire of hope was lit when an undisputed opponent of neoliberal economic policy and neoconservative foreign policy became the Leader of one of the two main parties in the G8 and P5 country that bridges Europe and the English-speaking world.

If Jeremy Corbyn goes down, then there will never be another mainstream platform for any alternative to neoliberalism and neoconservativism in this or any other advanced country.

Those at the heart of the Corbyn project need to be aware of their awesome responsibilities.

Unruly youths need to be directed by the grown-ups in the room, who in turn need to act their age.

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