Saturday, 10 December 2016

Desert Storm

Labour's past failings in relation to Saudi Arabia and the wider region have nothing to do with Jeremy Corbyn, who vocally pointed them out at the time.

When Labour recently put down a motion on this in Parliament, the Conservatives voted in support of jointly the most repressive regime in the world, equalled only by North Korea.

Meanwhile, more than 100 anti-Corbyn Labour MPs abstained.

But then Boris Johnson dropped his blond bombshell, if that is not an unfortunate choice of phrase.

In the form of a motion based as closely as possible on the words of the Foreign Secretary, this matter now needs to be brought back to the floor of the House of Commons.

From where do you think that IS gets its equipment? From Saudi Arabia, of course.

In other words, from Britain. "By far our biggest customer," indeed.

No wonder that our wretched Government, and those who still pine for Tony Blair, have been so supportive of IS in Syria.

But Aleppo is as good as liberated.

They backed the wrong side strategically as well as morally.

The reckoning is coming.

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