Friday, 2 December 2016

Beaten Out of The Park

Yes, most Labour MPs sit for areas that voted Leave.

But Labour Party policy is to accept the referendum result.

Indeed, Labour has a more coherent vision for Brexit than the Conservatives have, a vision that has been worked out over 40 years by Jeremy Corbyn and by the people who surround him.

In any case, the kind of Leave voters who are primarily Leave voters, before any other political consideration, already vote UKIP.

That party that is now led by exactly the sort of person against whom traditional Labour voters have been voting since time immemorial.

Last year, Paul Nuttall was defeated at Bootle by 28,704 votes. That is a lot. An awful lot.

Labour voters are not going to make the leap to voting to privatise the NHS.

By contrast, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats are so similar that they were cheerfully in Coalition 18 months ago.

They had intended to remain so, had everything gone according to plan.

The only difference is on this issue.

And around 80 Conservative MPs sit for areas that voted Remain.

Project the swing at Richmond Park across each of those constituencies. Someone in Theresa May's office will already have done that.

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