Monday, 12 September 2016

Threat Level

George Galloway writes: 

I’m not Emily Thornberry’s biggest fan.

She should have known the name of the French Foreign Minister (whom Boris Johnson had just met), and both the gender and name of the President of South Korea (who had just threatened the nuclear annihilation of North Korea in one of the world’s most dangerous stand-offs). 

But she was right to complain about the interview conducted by Sky News’s Dermot Murnaghan, though not for the reasons she stated. 

It was not “sexist” of Murnaghan to “pub quiz” her on live television, but it was discriminatory. 

There can be no doubt left anywhere that the so-called mainstream media is involved up to its neck in the destabilisation, delegitimisation and disruption of the Jeremy Corbyn led Labour Party – the Official Opposition in Britain, I remind you. 

Ofcom of course have full responsibility for the obligations of balance on British television (except for the BBC which is a law unto itself), but appear to have abdicated responsibility when it comes to Corbyn and Labour. 

Thornberry was right to infer that no Tory minister would have been subjected by him to such a “pub quiz”. Due deference to their positions in the state would have precluded this. 

A male member of Jeremy Corbyn’s front bench would have run exactly the same perils as she, not because they were male or female but because they were Labour and serving under a leader the entire state-machine and its media echo chamber is out to destroy. 

But, and here is something most others have missed. all Labour leaders have been fair game for Sky News et al

In defending himself against Thornberry’s brave confrontation of his conduct, on-air, Murnaghan prayed in aid, what? 

That he had subjected another Labour shadow minister, Alan Johnson, when he was shadow Chancellor, to exactly the same tactic!

Ed Miliband was given a remorseless ride as leader of the Labour Party. So was Gordon Brown. So was Neil Kinnock. 

The only Labour leader who was given “balance” by the MSM was Tony Blair and you will already know why that was, at least if you’ve seen my film The Killing$ of Tony Blair.

Of course the onslaught faced by Corbyn, and by extension those like Thornberry who serve in his team, is of a different order of magnitude, because the “threat level” of Corbyn and the movement which backs him to the rich and powerful is very much greater. 

But in truth there is an institutional bias against Labour as an idea within the media and the deep state in Britain; even Harold Wilson was bugged and burgled by them.

And it is this that the Blairites could have, but didn’t, confront when they had the power to do so.

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