Monday, 5 September 2016

The Grand Tour

Britain's resumption of full diplomatic relations with Iran is obviously to be welcomed.

But remember, just as Theresa May's "reluctant Remain" qualified her to be Prime Minister while Jeremy Corbyn's disqualifies him, so this move proves that she is a major international stateswoman, whereas his occasional appearances on Press TV prove that he is unfit for office morally, intellectually or both.

Those Eton boys who met Vladimir Putin before May had ever done so ought also to have gone for Hassan Rouhani, as well as for the full G20.

Corbyn should have done that, too. Indeed, he should still make it his business to meet them all. Apart from the King of Saudi Arabia and the President of Turkey, which would itself make an important point.

During the school holidays, he should tour their capitals, accompanied by teenagers who were Etonians, or Momentum activists, or both.


  1. All chaperoned by you, there should be some sort of certificate for those who survived.

  2. You and your boys on tour humiliating the first woman PM of their lifetimes by sucking up to dictators. How lucky you are to be up against Owen Smith, an even bigger misogynist than you are, he even wants to negotiate with Isil like there's anything to discuss.