Wednesday, 7 September 2016

NATO Nonsense

This afternoon, Theresa May and some satirical portrayal of a Tory old duffer exchanged lyrical praises of a supranational body that presumed to demand two per cent of our GDP.

He may not have known that we would never, under any circumstances, go to war with Russia, meaning that NATO was a con, a lie, a monstrous deceit.

But she certainly did know that, and she certainly does know it.

Oh, well. Soon enough, one of Vladimir Putin's Eton boys will be the Leader of the Conservative Party.

While the Leader of the Labour Party will be either Jeremy Corbyn, or whoever had the Momentum to succeed him.

That will be the end of this NATO nonsense.

We all know that the best that Labour can manage by way of a purported alternative is Owen Smith. But what of the Conservatives?

I am told that the name in the frame is that of Liz Truss.

Would you rather have Corbyn or a Corbynite joining forces with one of Putin's Eton boys, in order to take us out of NATO?

Or would you rather have Corbyn or a Corbynite joining forces with Truss, in order to abolish the monarchy?

Those are the options.

I am no great fan of commercial schools, but I will join in the shriller shrieking against them when any state school offers hope of quite this kind.

Or, indeed, invites to speak any of the leading left-wing figures who are routinely given a platform by the major public schools.

A luta continua to find a venue in the North East that will show George Galloway's The Killing$ of Tony Blair.

That may yet turn out to be a fee-charging school. They have never been slow to welcome him.

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