Thursday, 8 September 2016

Liberty With The Facts

Where to begin with Owen Smith's woeful performance on Question Time?

Both on Syria, and on Trident, Jeremy Corbyn wiped the floor with him.

Smith expressed his opposition to the junior doctors' strike.

If he really supports the monarchy (unlike the present Conservative Lord Chancellor, who is a highly probable future Leader of her party), then I am the Professor of Intersectional Feminism at the Tony Blair University of Kosovo.

But the really egregious error related to the Alliance for Workers' Liberty.

There are probably not 100 people in that, and certainly not 200. That, however, is not quite the point.

Smith accused the AWL of anti-Semitism.

In fact, it is by far the most pro-Israeli of such organisations, and it suffers much for its support of the two-state solution.

The AWL ought to sue Owen Smith.

However tiny, these things are rarely short of readies. In any case, this is the age of crowdfunding.


  1. The AWL uses false accusations of antisemitism to attack other sects. Even for Trotskyists they are annoying and stupid.