Sunday, 4 September 2016

Hitching To Heaven

If you want to see cultists with whom it is impossible to reason, then look no further than the three dozen lonely souls on the Internet who remember that Peter Hitchens had a brother.

No one else does.

That is a pity, really, because he was right about the Clintons.

But his nonsense about Saint Teresa of Calcutta, and his support for the Iraq War, destroyed his reputation.

As either of them deserved to do. Never mind both.


  1. Your respect for his brother has always made you too soft on him.

    1. I am not alone in that.

      "Mum said to me, on 'er deafbed," tweeted Oliver "Del Boy" Kamm earlier this year.

      "Last thing Christopher Hitchens ever said to me was to urge us to keep on Galloway's case"? Seriously? Yes, seriously.