Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Don't Go To Pot

If cannabis has active constituents that are of medicinal use, then that is what they are.

We do not take willow bark when we need aspirin.


  1. Cameron has rubbed the Right's nose in it for ten years-on every issue from gay marriage to the EU to grammar schools.

    Did he really think the Conservative Right wouldn't get its revenge?

    The Right in his own Cabinet-from Iain Duncan Smith to Chris Grayling- campaigned for Leave the EU referendum, and forced him from power.

    Then Osborne and every one of his cronies was booted out of the Cabinet and the first new policy announcement is to scrap Cameron's entire education policy and introduce grammar schools, forcing him out as an MP.

    Where are the liberal Cameron and Osborne now?

    Revenge is sweet, as they say.

    1. IDS isn't back in the Cabinet, either, and Grayling has been demoted in preference for a republican who used to be a Lib Dem.

      Neither Brexit, nor grammar schools, nor the Boundary Review, has yet been put to a Commons vote.