Friday, 2 September 2016

But He Was Our Son of a Bitch?

America, Russia and China alike seem to have thought that of Islam Karimov, that friend and employer of Tony Blair.

In the USSR-wide referendum held on 17th March 1991, 94.73 per cent of the population of Uzbekistan, on a turnout of 95.42 per cent, voted in favour of the proposition:

"Do you consider necessary the preservation of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics as a renewed federation of equal sovereign republics in which the rights and freedom of an individual of any nationality will be fully guaranteed?"

The second question, "Do you agree that Uzbekistan should remain part of a renewed Union (federation) as a sovereign republic with equal rights?", was approved by 94.9 per cent of voters, on a turnout of 95.5 per cent.

The Union-wide result was 77.8 per cent in favour of the first question, on a turnout of 80 per cent, with support ranging from the enormous to the colossal in every participating republic.

But they were to have no such luck.

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