Friday, 15 July 2016

The Chance To Fulfil

If Scotland says no, then it is no.

When Theresa May said she was a Unionist before anything else, then this was what she meant. And she meant it. She well and truly meant it.

So, no Article 50 it is, then.

And nothing can begin without that. No need of a Commons vote, or anything like that. No need of anything at all. Just carry on doing nothing. Sir Humphrey's "constructive inertia".

As Jeremy Corbyn said, in his message welcoming Theresa May to her new position:

The referendum result sent a clear message from parts of Britain that have been left behind by globalisation. It is essential that the new government recognises that and acts to ensure future generations have the chance to fulfil their potential.

The emphasis now needs to be on how the voices of those communities can be heard in politics and in the wider culture.

Brexit or, as seems ever more likely, no Brexit.

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