Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Owen Who?

Never worked outside politics. Couldn't even win Blaenau Gwent for Labour. Keeps being called "Owen Jones" on Twitter.

No amount of cajolery, and no attempts at ethical or social seduction, can eradicate from the heart of Labour First a deep, burning hatred for Jeremy Corbyn. So far as it is concerned, he is lower than vermin.

That is very sad, because it and he are in genuine agreement as to the need for the strong trade unions, for their active participation in the Labour Party, for strong local government, and for elected councillors to have priority over unaccountable community groups and quangos.

Back in the day, what did Corbyn ever do to Reg Race?

But Progress had Corbyn at its conference, and it received him well enough. It has also talked of joint events with Momentum. It may even have held some. It certainly should.

Meaning that Progress ought to look at Angela Eagle's opportunistic decision to cast herself as merely a less popular left-winger than Corbyn, at Owen Smith's failure to be anything very much at all, and at the possibilities presented by an endorsement of Corbyn.

If he were on the ballot, then Corbyn would certainly win again. Does Progress want seats at his various greatly strengthened tables, or not?


  1. Jeremy Corbyn is a career politician too by the way.

    1. I suppose that he is now, yes.

      Smith is noted even among MPs as a raving egomaniac, and that is quite a feat.