Wednesday, 6 July 2016

One In The Eye

Ian Hislop will be on the post-Chilcot Question Time tomorrow.

Private Eye has gone horribly New Establishment of late, and this is an opportunity to restore the faith of many of us in that venerable organ.

Also on the panel will be George Galloway, the winner of the next by-election to the House of Commons, wherever that may be.

Mind you, he would probably have won Batley and Spen, anyway.

It has a considerable Muslim population (like many other places that voted Leave), and it was represented until last year by a left-wing Eurosceptic, anti-warrior, and upholder of civil liberties, who had something of a socially conservative streak.

But that is just by rather unhappy chance. After today, George could win anywhere.

The only name missing from the Question Time line-up is that of Rod Liddle.

Rod stands about as much chance of ever again being a Labour Party member in good standing as George does. Or as I do.

But they were both right.

As was Private Eye.

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