Friday, 15 July 2016

No Comment

Several emails have asked me why I dislike the term "commentator" in certain contexts, including in relation to myself.

I am not a commentator. Some people are, but I am not. I am an activist.

Yes, I write. I have also been know to appear on the airwaves very occasionally.

But I do those things as forms of political activism, of active participation.

I am not a spectator. I am a player. A lot of us are.


  1. Article 50 by the end of the year. David Davis, writing with Prime Ministerial approval in today's Sun, lays out the timeline and the procedure.

    1. For his own resignation. He's just the collective responsibility type.

  2. Peter Hitchens always says this. You and I have both been present when he's said it. Someone asked if he wished he'd gone into politics. He replied, "I am in politics."