Friday, 15 July 2016

Left To Go

I am a Red. With, in wider European terms, the Black tendencies that many British Reds have.

I am not a Green.

Greens cannot regret the defeat of the miners in 1985.

They cannot insist that the responses to climate change (and there is always climate change) do not threaten the jobs and the quality of life that have been hard won in struggle.

Fundamentally and ultimately, Greens believe that the problem with the world is that it has people in it. I believe the opposite.

Yet I understand why Cornel West has endorsed Jill Stein. What else was he supposed to do? Where else have our people in America left to go?

Were I an American, then I might very well abstain this year, something that would ordinarily fill me with physical disgust.

Contests between equally repugnant Presidential candidates are hardly novel. But this year's is something else.

If we do not want to end up like that, then it is even more imperative than it already was to keep Jeremy Corbyn.

That imperative is international. The world needs to see that alternatives to neoliberal economics and to neoconservative foreign policy are allowed to exist at all.


  1. For goodness sake you didn't even know David Davis had been in the Cabinet for four years as Europe Minister (which is why he was chosen to negotiate our exit) and in the Shadow Cabinet for many years including seven as Shadow Home Secretary.

    You seriously asked me when Davis had ever been in the Cabinet!

    How can anything you say be taken seriously if you don't even check basic facts?

    1. He wasn't in the Cabinet as Europe Minister. That wasn't a Cabinet position.

      And anyone can be in a Shadow Cabinet. Any party can claim to have one.

  2. Stein is pretty decent. Sanders supporters should definitely vote for her.

    Obviously she can't win, but why should voters let the Democrats use the spectre of Trump to bully them into voting for Clinton?