Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Learning Support

Jeremy Corbyn spoke up for the Durham Teaching Assistants at the Durham Miners' Gala on Saturday.

In the light of that and many other facts, are you a member of a trade union that is affiliated to the Labour Party?

If so, then you can vote in the Labour Leadership Election without even having to pay the three quid, and without committing yourself to anything else at all. 

It is all here, including the list of affiliated trade unions. The TAs' own Unison and the GMB are both on that list.

"The largest Labour Group on any council in the country," claims that caucus at County Hall, Durham. I failed to spot a single member of it at the Gala.

But I marched with the Teaching Assistants alongside a Durham County Councillor who is so Far Left that he has the OBE, and who is as banned from the Labour Party as I am.

I, who could get the Teaching Assistants, campaigning as they are for 57 Labour councillors to lose their seats next May, a face-to-face meeting with the Leader of the Labour Party the night before the Gala.

The photographs are all over social media.

In their campaign T-shirts, a couple of them even made it onto the platform alongside him. On his way down, he signed their petition.

But none of the 57 was up there. In what meaningful sense are those 57 still members of the Labour Party at all? It is a reasonable argument that they are now even less so than I am.

Now, get registered to vote in the Leadership Election.

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  1. Not even a party within a party, this is a separate party. Things like the Durham TAs campaign are in it via things like the Durham Miners' Association, the People's Bookshop and David Lindsay. But Durham County Council Labour Group isn't. That is the Corbyn Party, it is not the Labour Party.