Friday, 1 July 2016

Joined Up

Remainers are joining the Lib Dems in droves. But huge numbers of people are joining the Labour Party, specifically in order to defend Jeremy Corbyn.

At least a very high proportion of those must have been Leave voters, as was evident at last night glorious rally at the Durham Miners' Hall, and as will be evident well into six figures at the Durham Miners' Gala a week tomorrow.

They never stopped voting Labour. Labour was not on the ballot paper last week. Having made their point, they are mostly none too fussed about leaving the EU, as such.

But they have been energised by the result, and by the attention that their areas are suddenly receiving in even the regional, never mind the national, media.

So they are joining the Labour Party. Of course. Specifically in order to defend Jeremy Corbyn. Of course.

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