Thursday, 7 July 2016

Commensurate Response

No last resort means no just war.

Until such time as he performs the penitential acts required of Medieval kings under similar circumstances, then how can Tony Blair be regarded as a Catholic in good standing?

I say in all seriousness that this is one for the Pope.


  1. The Pope would have to excommunicate every Catholic Democrat politician, if we were to go down that road.

    Come to think of it....

    For example, can you believe Nancy Pelosi is still a Catholic?

  2. The priest who provided instruction was elevated to the episcopate. CMOC regarded Blair as a misunderstood spiritual giant. This is going to end badly for us all.

  3. The priest who provided instruction was not raised to the episcopate, merely a Prelate of Honour as Senior RC Chaplain to the RAF. He has since returned to his home diocese of Liverpool and hangs out with the FSSP and the Smurfs "over the water" in Shrewsbury.