Sunday 9 April 2023

What's Best For The Country

In 2015, Norman Tebbit said to vote in Scotland for whoever was best placed to defeat the SNP, even if that meant voting Labour. The Conservative whip in the House of Lords was not withdrawn from him, indicating how very far into retirement he was by then, but even so. The far from retired or retiring Douglas Ross is saying the same thing under much less promising circumstances for the SNP.

I would no more advocate voting for any candidate for the House of Commons who even pretended to want Keir Starmer to become Prime Minister, and most of the Labour ones in Scotland would want him only because no one even more right-wing was available, than I would advocate voting for any Westminster or Holyrood candidate who was in favour of Scottish independence. But this is still worth watching.


  1. Another person whose endorsement of Starmer is a reason for us to go nowhere near him.

    1. Ross will look very silly when Starmer did not win.