Monday 17 April 2023

Linked To His Criticism

Does anyone doubt that Vladimir Kara-Murza is a subversive and a spy? In what way does he himself deny it? He holds that he was right to do what he did. He makes no apparent pretence to not having done it. Well, part of doing what you profoundly believe to be the right thing, is taking the consequences.

And for doing what he has done in Russia, a formal trial and a mere 25-year sentence are getting off lightly. He has been convicted of treason. Criticise the process all you like, but he has been. His British passport has indeed had an effect. Without it, he would be dead. And not pursuant to the sentence of a court.

As for the silencing of criticism of the war in Ukraine, the United Kingdom is in no position to comment.


  1. And what about Evan Gershkovich?

    1. Behind that glass, he looked like someone called Julian Assange.