Friday 28 April 2023

Potential Perceived Conflict

Until today, the Chairman of the BBC, and the President of the King's Bench Division, were twins. Twins.

The Culture Secretary who signed off on Richard Sharp was Oliver Dowden. How many Deputy Prime Ministers is it possible to lose in a fortnight? But believe in the end of Boris Johnson when you see it. Why did he need £800,000? Do not expect anyone to ask.

Any more than Keir Starmer will stand up on Wednesday and ask Rishi Sunak whether Johnson would be refused endorsement as a Conservative parliamentary candidate at the next General Election, since Jeremy Corbyn was to be refused endorsement as a Labour candidate? No one has ever, ever accused Corbyn of being a crook. No one has ever suggested that Johnson was anything else.


  1. 800k is about the cost of putting a boy through Eton start to finish.