Friday 28 April 2023

That Can Blossom In Darkest Khartoum?

Four years ago, your hardiest bloom of a blogger told you to keep an eye on Sudan. This one could be as complicated as Syria. But amid the glittering array of bad guys, you can bet your life that the British elite will not only feel the need to back one, but will then back the worst of the lot. It always does.

That is the grownup thing to do, you see. The sensible approach. The centre ground. Those of us who have been proved right about all of these things, ever, will be howled down or ignored, as we always are. "If I'm to make Baghdad by light of dawn," indeed.

More immediately, is this Government ruthless enough to say that the Sudanese doctors could come back only if the BMA stopped the strikes? I wouldn't put it past them. The doctors might have more luck if they were to try and "catch the Zanzibar train, And sleep till they're wakened by rain, And they're back in old England again once more."


  1. Could Sudan split up?

    1. It already has a bit. And yes, further disintegration would be more than possible.