Sunday 23 April 2023

Pillow Talk

"Workshy" seems to be the Word of the Week among the people whose only job is the weekly production of anything between 1200 and as few as 800 words of whatever they happened to think. It is now technologically possible to do that without getting out of bed.

From their beds, they called more belated workers from home, a practice that does have its disadvantages, "workshy". And now, for its having got rid of Dominic Raab, the entire Civil Service is so described. That, and "politicised". Well, yes.

Others members of the Duvet Club are bewailing the proposed "politicisation" of the Civil Service, but if you did not already know how political that was, then you must have shared its politics. Like the BBC, say. Or the education system. Or the charities sector. Or the Police. When people complain about the politicisation of those, then they are complaining about a change from their own politics to someone else's.


  1. You have argued in the past that the whole concept of these things was political.

    1. I have, and I do. The idea that there should be a Civil Service, or a state broadcaster, or state-funded education, or registered and regulated charities, or the Police, is political in and of itself.