Tuesday 25 April 2023

The Bobby Problem

It is not as if Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is going to be nominated, and I am far too young to "get" the Kennedy thing, anyway. But while I appreciate that he is anti-war, that he is economically egalitarian by American standards, and that he is accordingly averse to erosions of civil liberties, he is also an anti-industrial Malthusian, an anti-vaxxer, and, well, yes, a very liberal Catholic indeed, who therefore lacks the philosophical foundation of a truly radical alternative.

There has never been the class consciousness in the United States that there has been in Europe and the Old Commonwealth, and it has declined in those places under American influence. But when the tide turns there, then it will turn everywhere. The failure of the woke movement to take economic inequality seriously, and therefore to include vast numbers of its victims, may well be the turning point. This, though, does not look like that point just yet.


  1. You may have broken with Galloway here.

    1. Been there, done that. But in any case, we shall see.