Friday 2 September 2022

Deliberately Intended

An hour? He should have given her five minutes to resign before he went on television, effectively to sack her. If Cressida Dick was capable of being intimidated by Sadiq Khan, then she was not a functioning adult, much less would she ever have become Metropolitan Police Commissioner. But some of us know that trick of old.

This bookish cripple of five foot nine was supposed to have intimidated the Head of Media Relations for the bankers to the Mexican and Colombian drug cartels, who was a former London Regional Director of the Labour Party during the Corbyn years, a former Head of Press and Broadcasting for that party under Corbyn, and a former Chief of Staff to the Government Chief Whip at the time of the Iraq War.

I long to be older than the Prime Minister, because he is older than I am, and he sincerely believed that he was going to be Prime Minister. One of his closest relatives once drunkenly screamed at me in the street that I had ruined his chances. As if I had that kind of power. In any case, no male product of a mixed secondary school has ever become Prime Minister, and there is no sign of that changing anytime soon.

Well might you ask how someone who had been Chief of Staff to the Government Chief Whip at the time of the Iraq War was ever appointed to anything under Corbyn, but Corbyn's fundamental error was that he did not sack the whole of the party's staff on day one and start again from scratch. Still, and including my adversary, they have been well and truly discredited by the Forde Report. The people who are burying that are the people who are affecting to clutch their pearls over Eddie Dempsey's statement of the obvious.

Even by the improbable instrument of Khan, bringing down Dick was the first great victory of the alliance between the post-Brexit Right and the post-Corbyn Left. There must be no rowing back from it. Instead, we have been handed a further opportunity today, to end the kangaroo court that has been convened against Boris Johnson by the same Deep State that defenestrated Corbyn, that incited violence against Nigel Farage, that encouraged the attempted murder of George Galloway, that tried to imprison Alex Salmond for the rest of his life, and that persecutes the world-historical figure of Julian Assange, all in the spirit of the raid on Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago. To make the point properly, then bring up the Paedophile Information Exchange and expel Harriet Harman from the House of Commons instead.


  1. After what they did to you, everyone marvels that the Gang of Four are still alive.