Tuesday 6 September 2022

The Worst Prime Minister Ever?

What war did Boris Johnson start? How did he even make the liberal bourgeoisie's lives any worse, that you hate him so much? Even his personal flaws are no cause for comment from a class that is itself hardly noted for sobriety, sexual continence, or much of a work ethic.

Johnson listened to his entourage too much and locked down too late before opening up too early, but that killed nowhere near as many people as David Cameron's austerity programme, which was supported by the Liberal Democrats, supported by the Labour Party until 2015, and supported by most Labour MPs and the whole of the party's staff to the bitter end. The admission that austerity had been the political choice that some of us had always said that it was puts the Government well to the left of your beloved Keir Starmer. 

At the General Election that Starmer caused, Johnson defeated your greatest hate figure in living memory, Jeremy Corbyn, who had called your bluff on being prepared to pay more tax for a fairer society and said, "Go on, then." You ought to love Johnson. Except, I say again, that he never started a war. That must be your problem with him.

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