Thursday 22 September 2022

Red-Handed, Left-Footed

How the world turns, when a BBC announcer can say to the audience, "You may remember Northern Ireland." Time was when today's news from there, that it now contained more Catholics than Protestants, would have been the only news. But in 2022, it came 45 minutes into an hour-long bulletin, followed by an explanation that it did not really change anything, anyway.

Gerry Adams once said that trying to outbreed Unionists was fun if you had the stamina, but it was not a political strategy. Sinn Féin now advocates an all-Ireland National Health Service. It knows what it needs if its own people are ever going to vote for a real, live 32 County Republic when that was the only question on the ballot paper.


  1. Have you heard about the forthcoming biography of Mary Lou McDonald?