Monday 5 September 2022

Something Must Be Done

The massively popular renationalisation of energy would cost £2.8 billion, but instead we look set for a gigantic corporate welfare scheme, perhaps £100 billion and possibly even more than that, which those private companies would at some point be required to pay back. Either they would, and pass on the cost, or it would all be written off. It could be either, but it will have to be one or the other. Or will it? We could all be fleeced into penury only for the remainder to be wiped after all.

Labour, however, does not know whether to be pleased or aggrieved that its idea has been taken up. As with rail, mail and water, outright opposition to the renationalisation of energy is confined to no more than one eighth of the electorate, including well under half of Conservative supporters, with those figures falling sharply every week. Yet it is only from that declining Hard Right fringe of opinion that anyone is allowed to become anything that matters.