Wednesday 14 September 2022

Cold In The Ground?

National mourning, indeed. We are all going to be sitting shiver this winter. Yet for the next two years, the Government proposes to fund the difference between the new cap on energy prices, which itself assumes that the current rate was acceptable, and any further increase that there might be. That is an unlimited liability.

The permanent solution would be renationalisation, which is therefore massively popular. That would cost only one forty-third even of what was already projected to be spent, and it could easily be tacked on. But follow the money, and by no means only on one side of the House.

Fracking? There is no problem with any energy source in principle, but none of that shale gas has turned up yet, and if it is anywhere, then it is in heavily populated areas that could do without the earthquakes, the poisoned water, and all the rest of it. Harness the power of the State to bathe this country in heat and light from oil, gas, nuclear, wind, wave, tidal, solar, and that without which there could also be no steel for rigs, pipelines, power stations or turbines, namely coal.

Britain stands on one thousand years' worth of coal, and was the world leader in clean coal technology until the defeat of the miners in 1985. Do not vote for anyone who will not say that the miners were right.


  1. Do not vote for anyone who will not say that the miners were right.

    That means you advocate not voting for anyone except the Net Zero Scrutiny Group of backbench Tory MPs or the Republican Party, (if you're in the US).

    There is of course not a single leftwing political formation in the Western world that today supports coal.

    Have you been in a coma for the past 40 years since climate change became a thing?

    1. Clearly, you have. You certainly do not bother to check basic facts. I can name seven British parties like that off the top of my head. You people have a made-up "Left" in your own heads, which you blame for what your own side does in power. Net Zero was unheard of in 2010. Like, say, gender self-identification. Ask any Tory MP, any of them, to sign the statement, "The miners were right." Go on. I dare you.