Sunday 18 September 2022

Windsors Well-Named

Fair play to the late Queen's grandchildren, and especially to Lady Louise and to Viscount Severn, who are teenagers. Indeed, of the eight, four have jobs, one is a fresher who was on minimum wage at a garden centre over the summer, and one is a schoolboy. I mean, I am not suggesting that they are Breadline Britain. But even so.

More broadly, probably every living descendant of King George V, founder of the Royal House of Windsor, has been in attendance in the last few days, and all except small children will be at the funeral. How many of them can you name? They are just quietly upper-middle-class, presumably somewhere in the South. There are millions of people like that. The House of Windsor's Thames Valley title is no word of a lie.


  1. The new King is proper royalty, though.

    1. Indeed, yes. A proper blue-blood reigns for the first time since 1714.