Friday 9 September 2022

God Save The King

The theoretical debate is one thing, but any practising politician who wants an elected Head of State wants to be it, and some of us have known far too many politicians to have any truck with that.

A referendum? A referendum on what? I have been trying to tell some of you this for 25 years. The succession is immediate. Charles is the King right now. It has happened.

"When the Queen dies" never was an argument, either in principle, since the monarchy is either right or it is wrong, or in practice, as yesterday's events have proved.

By the next General Election, "Should Charles be King?" will not be an issue. It already isn't, because he already is. Let's get through the mourning period, so that we can get back to the strikes.


  1. Keir Starmer portrays himself as the “moderate” to Jeremy Corbyn’s “extremism.” Yet as Peter Hitchens noted Starmer like Corbyn supported abolishing the monarchy as recently as the late 2000s.

    1. Who didn't? I know for a fact that Liz Truss is not the only recent republican in the present Cabinet. Such is the logic of Thatcherism, especially to people who are cleverer than Thatcher. But the moment has gone.