Monday 5 September 2022

Por la razón o la fuerza

Laden with identity politics and Greenery, the proposed new Constitution in Chile has been rejected emphatically in a referendum with compulsory voting. The one bequeathed by General Picochet will therefore remain in force.

So the universal healthcare, the better regulation of mining, the greater powers for workers and their unions, and so on, will not now happen. There will be no right to housing, education, clean air, water, food, sanitation, Internet access, retirement benefits, or free legal advice.

But the identity politics and the Greenery will happen, because today's heirs of Pinochet agree with that sort of thing. They occasionally pretend not to. But they do, whether in Chile or in the Britain for which the Chilean coup of 1973 was the CIA's dry run.

In December 1976, a Labour Government spared the CIA the trouble, and as long as Liz Truss delivered the identitarian and Malthusian goods, then Labour would put up only token opposition, if that, to the economic agenda of the most Blairite Government since 2007.

This will also be the most Liberal Democrat Government ever, perfectly reflecting the spirit of Truss's original party, which was the more pro-austerity and pro-war party to the Coalition. By calling for an early General Election, it has guaranteed that there will not be one. Led by a former Cabinet Minister, and in government far more recently than the Official Opposition, it knows what it is doing.