Thursday 22 September 2022

Dharma Chameleons

The invitation to Sadhvi Ritambhara to tour Britain has caused violence to break out between Hindu and Muslim communities that had previously lived peaceably side by side. Immense damage is being done by the importation of Wahhabism, which is not South Asian at all, but which is sponsored by the Saudi overlords of the Conservative Party and of the Labour Right. No less damage is being done by the importation of the ideology of their beloved Narendra Modi.

Ritambhara is at least as hostile to Christians as she is to Muslims, and she is very hostile to Muslims. Hindutva types are always like that. I know them of old. Ritambhara ought to be banned from entering this country, as should several other such figures with whom Conservative and right-wing Labour politicians consort, such as Tapan Ghosh.

Instead, though, the Conservatives have regained and then retained at least three marginal seats by means of Operation Dharmic Vote, which promised to repeal the ban on caste discrimination. That promise has been made good. Having been illegal for a time, caste discrimination is once again perfectly legal in the United Kingdom.

Not to be outdone, Keir Starmer keeps the same company. Even the last Labour Government banned discrimination on grounds of caste, but any future Labour Government would not do so. Starmer has also unilaterally abandoned Labour's consistently unanimous Conference policy of self-determination for Kashmir, and now supports the Indian claim instead, which will cost the party a million previously highly reliable votes. All that, and now this, too.

Ritambhara and Ghosh are inciters of the violence that they have now brought to these shores, or even direct participants in it. A South Asian Muslim who was that objectionable, although not a Saudi one, would rightly be excluded as not conducive to the public good. Do not vote either Conservative or Labour. Make our own arrangements.


  1. The glories of mass immigration and multiculturalism on display again.

  2. This is multiculturalism in full effect and this time the Left can’t blame white racism, as it is a cultural clash between two sets of ethnic minorities in Britain. Through mass immigration, we have imported the religious/tribal quarrels that divided India from Pakistan here and still divide Kashmir.

    1. The Far Right is closely allied to the Hindutva movement. You have a side in this. That you did not already know that calls to mind all the usual jokes about the Master Race. I mean, have you ever seen them?