Thursday 30 December 2021

What Does The I Stand For?

Peter Mandelson called Jeffrey Epstein in prison to arrange a donation, but do not expect the media to mention any of that in relation to Ghislaine Maxwell.

The born again fawning over the Labour Right is particularly pronounced on ITV, which is funded only by its giant corporate advertisers. Clearly, this is what they want: mega-woke turbo-capitalism, enforced by authoritarianism at home and by war abroad.

Hence Piers Morgan's gushing "interview" with Keir Starmer, hence his handover of the gig to Derek Draper's wife, and hence his replacement in the morning with Alastair Campbell and Ed Balls.

Morgan has fallen a long way since his opposition to the Iraq War unleashed the torrent of personal abuse to which he has been subject ever since.