Wednesday 22 December 2021

Countdown To Justice

The law turns out to be that Rachel Riley at least condoned physical violence against Jeremy Corbyn, and that she must have known what the reaction would be, but that that reaction was still libellous because she was on the telly and thus a Very Important Person.

Well, it is already illegal after all to call Corbyn a terrorist sympathiser, so now he should sue Riley for calling him an anti-Semite and for at least condoning physical violence against him.

Who is the More Important Person? A Member of Parliament of, by then, 39 years' standing, and a member of the Privy Council to boot? Or the glamorous assistant on a game show?

By the way, successive padmates and I were very fond of that game show. I was good at the wordy bits, while they, although by their own admission men of limited formal education, were good at the sums. Yes, of course I know why. Not least, they well and truly told me.


  1. Yes, yes, yes, Corbyn should sue Riley. And I love, love, love that image of you and your padmate playing along to Countdown.