Tuesday 28 December 2021

Apology Excepted?

Rumour has it that Mammy Lammy has been shooting her mouth off again. Lammy lobbied incessantly for a place in Jeremy Corbyn's Shadow Cabinet.

Corbyn's last engagement as Leader was to deliver the Bernie Grant Twentieth Anniversary Lecture, at which he was introduced by Lammy, who bewailed that Grant had not lived to see Corbyn's Leadership.

And what of Lammy's new audience? Do its members agree with him that anyone who believes that only a woman has a cervix is a dinosaur? Do they believe in dinosaurs at all?


  1. An authentically Black candidate needs to put up at Tottenham.

    1. And no doubt will. It is just a pity that we cannot bring Desmond Tutu to reside there for the duration. As a Commonwealth citizen, he would have had the vote and could even have signed the nomination papers.