Thursday 30 December 2021

Geidt Thee Gone

Lord Geidt showed his calibre, or lack of it, when he did not resign after Boris Johnson had been found to have lied to him. He had already given considerable insight when he had believed in the first place Johnson's claim to have had no idea who was paying to refurbish his flat. Tomorrow, this spook turned professional courtier will officially clear his master of any wrongdoing.

We have a Prime Minister who is one of those posh beggars, forever hanging around their public schoolmates or their distant relatives in order to cadge off them. Quite apart from how obviously beneath the dignity of the office that is, it also creates enormous conflicts of interest and, as a former Intelligence Officer might have been expected to have noticed, considerable security risks.

Meanwhile, the Leader of the Opposition has still not called on the Prime Minister to resign. Both of them should. As should Lord Geidt, from whatever it is that he is supposed to be.