Thursday 23 December 2021

Fuel and Power

13 per cent of households, one in eight, are already in fuel poverty, yet energy prices are set to rise by 50 per cent next year.

Renationalisation, a real cap, the requirement of the approval of the House of Commons before any price increase, and an all-of-the-above energy policy based around civil nuclear power, this country's vast reserves of coal, its increasingly apparent reserves of lithium, and the oil and gas fields whether the SNP liked it or not.

This will be "Loony Left" until the Conservatives did it. Everything always is. We just have to ensure that Boris Johnson is succeeded by Rishi Sunak rather than by Liz Truss, and that neither Keir Starmer nor the Ed Davey, well-remembered as he is in this field, gets anywhere near office.

Nor the SNP in any future hung Parliament. If there might be one of those, then there need to be enough of our people in it, unbending on principle while untroubled by tribal shibboleths.