Monday 20 December 2021

A Device To Secure

In 2010, the Parliamentary Labour Party wanted to be led by David Miliband in order to enter the Coalition of Cuts and War. By 2015, the three main parties would no longer have been fielding candidates against each other, and the coup would have been complete. But the wider Labour Party had other ideas.

In 2019, with a candidate who had no political record against which to test his promises, the PLP finally got what it wanted. The Labour Party has been replaced by and with the Progressive Alliance, a device to secure 50 or 60 Liberal Democrat MPs so that the Coalition could be resumed under Liz Truss, but with the active participation of the strongly pro-austerity and pro-war "constructive Opposition".

The problem is that the Lib Dems no longer want to know. In better days, nor would the Labour Party in the country at large. These, however, are not better days. Yes, I am standing for Parliament again.