Thursday 23 December 2021

Boys In Blue?

It turns out that at least one on-duty Police Officer attended the Downing Street party that first made the headlines. Back in the day, we would not have considered it a proper lock-in unless University Security had been present and participating, although of course not paying. These days, the whole country is run much like that. But then, the whole country is now run much like my university days in general. That's your forties, I suppose.

This is not a party thing. The Met would have had such a cosy relationship with any Prime Minister who had previously been Mayor of London. But consider that there is only one other former Mayor of London. And let the hares in your head run wild.

If you object, and you should, to the policing of this Premiership, then the last thing that you could possibly want ought to be a Prime Minister whose ties to the Met were so tight that he had already had its specialist gun-toters at the ends of the rows during his Party Conference speech, their loaded firearms aimed at the delegates.

Can anyone have such security for a private event, or do you have to be a former Director of Public Prosecutions? And if this is how he behaves as Leader of the Opposition, then imagine how he would behave if he were Prime Minister.


  1. If you can remember the 90s, you weren't there.

    1. From the reaches of the brain, the present day is bringing it all back.