Friday 17 December 2021

Getting Back On Track

Rail fares are to go up by 3.8 per cent. Yes, 3.8 per cent. We need to renationalise the rail services as each franchise came up for renewal, and thus at no cost, making that the backbone of a rebuilt network of public transport, eventually free at the point of use, and extending to every village. Even prior to that, we need to require the approval of the House of Commons for any increase in public transport fares.

Part of that does indeed need to be a rail link between Consett and Newcastle, the business case for which was submitted today. It is of course perfectly true that bus services could be improved immediately and at far lower cost. That ought to happen. As should the railway. The opposition to the whole idea illustrates how anti-industrial and how opposed to public provision the Labour Party has become. It is no wonder that it still has no candidate at North West Durham.


  1. Richard tried his best on Newsnight.

    1. But as a much younger man, he is preparing for life after Johnson.