Friday 31 December 2021

Maxwell Houses

Like ringworm or dry rot, the Maxwells just keep coming back. A warm welcome to the return of Kevin, who was once the biggest personal bankrupt in British history. Perhaps he still is? In 1992, soon after the death of his father, he was declared bankrupt with debts of £406.5 million. Has anyone, anywhere, ever topped that?

Ian has also reappeared, to be interviewed by the BBC in order to protest his sister's innocence. Would that courtesy be extended to the relatives of any other sex offender, never mind one who had been convicted in a jurisdiction that, unlike this one, still required conviction beyond reasonable doubt?

Prince Andrew is a person of no importance whatever. What has he ever run? Ghislaine Maxwell's and Jeffrey Epstein's pertinent British connection is to Peter Mandelson, and thus to Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and Keir Starmer. The New Year's Honours List is the ideal opportunity to remove Mandelson and Starmer from the Privy Council, and to strip Starmer of his knighthood.

If you remain a member of the Labour Party, or if you continue to receive its whip in either House of Parliament, then you are in a party that welcomes Lord Mandelson at the very highest levels, as it always welcomed Robert Maxwell and his ill-gotten gains, but which refuses the whip to the elected Jeremy Corbyn, and which refuses very membership to people, disproportionately black, Jewish or both, who had held it for 30, 40, 50 and more years.


  1. The Ian Maxwell interview and the Alan Dershowitz interview should be resigning matters.