Thursday 23 December 2021

From Variants To Normality

As a clinically vulnerable person, there is not a Covid-sceptical or an anti-vaxxer bone in my body. If you choose not be vaccinated, then you have exercised your right to be an idiot, and I will exercise my right to treat you as one, including for my own physical protection. Still, that is your right.

I strongly supported all previous restrictions, including the lockdowns, and I observed them to the letter. I would observe any future restrictions, including another lockdown, to the letter, although I am totally opposed to vaccine passports as to all identity card schemes, and I am already campaigning for the provision for them to be repealed.

The question is how long this curve must be, that we have still not begun to flatten it. Perhaps there will have to be annual vaccinations for the rest of our lives, presumably before the winter flu season. But if there is going to be a new variant each year or even more often than that, then it is time to find ways of somehow just living with this thing, as we just live with so very many other things.