Friday, 17 September 2021

Of Assistance

From Kate Green on Question Time, to social media posts by, of all things, County Durham Labour, the sheer gall of the Labour Party is almost admirable.

Yes, among the biggest losers from the National Insurance increase will be Teaching Assistants. But here in County Durham, they will also lose out from the Universal Credit downlift. And whose fault is it that they are having to claim Universal Credit?

As no one associated with it even pretends to deny, County Durham Labour framed me all the way to prison in no small part in order to discredit the Teaching Assistants' campaign. But while I was inside, then Super Thursday happened.

Entirely unprompted by me, that led to my release on the earliest date that the law would allow. Vastly more significantly, it means that, along with the closure of the DLI Museum, and along with the devastation of bus services, the injustice against the Teaching Assistants is now well and truly back on the table.